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Market Outlook: Mar 25th Top News

By Blueberry Markets Team

The US yield curve inverted late into Friday’s session, the last two times this happened we saw a market crash. This was evident with the US stock indices falling significantly and a move from risk on to risk off with JPY significantly gaining across the board. This fallout should continue going into next week with the major stock indices stalling... Continue Reading

Market Wrap: Mar 18th – Mar 22nd

By Blueberry Markets Team

This week we saw the FOMC rate decision spark the markets into life as the Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged at 2.5% however in the statements, we saw Chairman Powell suggest that interest rates will remain unchanged until the end of 2019. This was taken as extremely dovish by the chairman and the USD sank initially. This didn’t last... Continue Reading

It seems like a sad fact of life that nobody wants to talk about risk management. I find it bemusing that people seem so okay with leaving a massive hole in their trading game. Educators tell you to risk 1% of your account on any given trade, and walk away considering their job done. In truth, the 1% rule is... Continue Reading

Trading successfully (at size) for any meaningful period of time is almost impossible without a clearly defined structure in place. More specifically: a structure that can be improved upon dynamically. Adopting a month-to-month structure is a simple and effective way to remove the power of the past. Last month hardly matters now. With this attitude, we can better execute our... Continue Reading

As a retail trader, all the responsibility falls to you. You have to pick the direction, trade your view, and take charge of your risk management strategy. It’s not like that in the interbank world, where participants wear a single hat. They may be analysts, traders or risk managers, but seldom will they be more than one of those things.... Continue Reading

“My kids think all fathers work from home” – Marty Schwartz Trading is incredibly freeing for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest and best is the simple fact that you can do it from home – wherever that may be – with a great deal of flexibility. But, as we probably all know, it’s not always that... Continue Reading

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