MetaTrader 4 for Windows

The Blueberry Markets instance of MetaTrader 4 has been designed with the trader in mind. Real-time charts, an easy to understand market watch and an informative trade terminal gives you the tools to trade the FOREX Markets.

Combined with leading trading and analytical technologies, Blueberry Markets MetaTrader 4 offers a superior trading environment.

Designed for all traders who are seeking that next level platform, MetaTrader 4 offers an experience unmatched in the FOREX Market with highly customisable charts and profiles to assist your trading.

Blueberry Markets MetaTrader 4 is a robust platform providing the trader an extra level of security, yet is also flexible with customisable charts, 85 indicators and and various order types.

Making a trading decision has never been easy with a clearly set out market watch giving BID/ASK pricing of all pairs and products that you can trade on Blueberry Markets. Expand to view properties of all symbols with contract specific contract specifications.

Assessing your current market position and pending orders is made easy with a the MetaTrader 4 trade terminal.

Key features:

  • Market Watch Window
  • Navigator Window
  • Trade Terminal
  • Multiple order types
  • 85 pre-installed indicators
  • Analysis tools
  • Cascading¬†chart setups
  • Automated trading
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