Multi-Account Manager (MAM)

Blueberry Markets Multi Account Manager (MAM) is a bespoke tool for the money manager or the client trading multiple accounts. The tool is an integrated with MetaTrader 4 allowing the trader to place one trade which is duplicated across linked accounts with the same speed and execution if you were trading on a singular account.

MAM allows working with any amount of managed accounts, using sophisticated allocation methods, working with Expert Advisors and much more.

The tools offer the manager convenience and efficiency whether they are trading manually or using an automated algorithm or Expert Advisor (EA).


Key Features:

  • Trade multiple account with one click
  • Unique allocation methods for distribution of master order to linked accounts either by a pre-determined level or relative balances.
    • Proportional by equity
    • Proportional by balance
    • Equity Percent Allocation
    • Allocation by Equal Risk
    • Lot Allocation
    • Percent Allocation
  • Institutional liquidity
  • Low spreads
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