Zulu Trade

What is ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade enables users to locate successful traders that are ranked by ZuluRank, a proprietary performance evaluation algorithm, and follow their trades which are translated into real trades in their own broker accounts.

Users can fully manage their accounts via a customizable account management suite that is equipped with advanced risk management features such as ZuluGuard, a shield against volatile trading strategies.


Watch the below video on an introduction to ZuluTrade:



How it works?

ZuluTrade users can select the traders they want to follow using the Performance Table that algorithmically ranks traders based on a multitude of performance factors, as well as based on the feedback of ZuluTrade’s knowledgeable community.

ZuluTrade users can then fully customise the trades initiated by the traders according to their preferences and risk tolerance. The platform offers an array of advanced options that empower users to fully manage their trades and take advantage of the traders’ expertise. Users can customise all the parameters of a trade for any currency pair and any trader, choose the lot size on their own or automatically manage the number of trades, the trading times and anything else they may need!

Unique Features

  • ZuluRank – a sophisticated algorithm that ranks Signal Providers by analyzing a number of different factors, such as their overall performance.
  • ZuluGuard – a highly advanced account protection feature that monitors the performance of your traders 24/7
  • Simulation – a powerful tool that allows you to test your trader’s performance according to the Settings of your account.
  • Customization settings – ZuluTrade users retain full control over their account.
  • Risk Management – In Auto Mode the user selects the % of risk he/she wants to take by adjusting a Risk Meter bar, and the system automatically allocates lots per Signal Provider depending on the user’s settings and the overall performance of the provider.
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