Forex ECN Spreads and Rates

Blueberry Markets broker aggregates price feeds from a multitude of providers allowing for tight spreads fast execution. The spread the client trades on depends on the type of live account they have selected to open.

Blueberry Markets Trading Spreads and Rates

Forex Spreads

Below, you will find forex prices and spreads from our ECN.

Indices CFD Spreads

Trade world's most popular stock market indices through Index CFDs with Blueberry Markets on very competitive spreads.

Instrument SymbolStandard Account & Professional Account
AUS2001.0 – 1.2 pips
UK1001.0 – 2.0 pips
GER301.0 – 2.0 pips
JPN2254.0 – 5.0 pips
SPX5000.3 – 2.5 pips
FRA401.0 – 4.3 pips
EUSTX501.0 – 2.0 pips
US301.0 – 2.0 pips

Metals Spreads

Online trading on spot Gold (XAU/USD) and Silver (XAG/USD) is also available. We offer competitive spreads on both precious metals.

Commodidites Spreads

Two grades of oil (WIT and Brent) are available for trading.

Instrument SymbolStandard Account & Professional Account
USO/USD0.04 – 0.58 points
UKO/USD0.05 – 0.59 points